More about Dave Tucker

I hail from Frederick, MD. Send me an email.

In second grade, before I was taken out of school and home schooled (we are talking back in the 1960’s; really pioneer home schooling back then!) the class started to learn Roman numerals. After I understood it, I went home and wrote three “Roman Numeral Dictionaries” with the Arabic numbers in one column and the Roman numeral equivalent in the other column up to 500. I copied them out by hand and gave one copy to the teacher, one to the students, and kept one for myself. I have always had this drive to help others succeed by creating tools.

Today I own a software company called CLIP (click here for more about CLIP's history) that helps over 12,000 companies in the service industry do their routing, scheduling, job costing, and customer management. I also have a software company called KnowItAll, that helps people systematize and organize their personal life as well as their businesses. I have been a conference speaker at anything from international business networks, to homeschooling conferences, to green industry events. I only spend about 10% of my time on my companies, but have systematized them and organized the employees so that I can focus on my family, my faith and doing what I love best - helping others acheive their own sucess.

Our slogan in our software company is “Your success is our business!”, I wish you the same, that the tools I have here help you be successful, however you define it for yourself! Here’s to your SUCCESS!