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Sep 28 2015

It’s not my fault!

Why you should say "Actually it is my fault"?

It’s not my fault!

You hear that a lot. You hear it come out of your mouth almost every time you fail in some way. You arrive late somewhere, “It’s not my fault, traffic was terrible.” Every time I have been stopped by a police for speeding (no, it hasn’t been that many times… :-) ) they start by asking you why you were going so fast, where were you off to in such a hurry? That just opens the door for you to say, “it wasn’t my fault, ……” A few years ago, I was in traffic court and the excuses people were giving were just hilarious. One guy said that he was speeding because he had to get to his friend’s house to play computer games…… These judges must just sit and laugh at all of this, every day!

Anyway, it isn’t your fault that you got sick, it isn’t your fault that you were late, it isn’t your fault that you don’t have the money, it isn’t your fault that you got mad, it isn’t your fault that you got into debt…… you can go on and on and on…..

Here is the problem with this, if it is someone else’s fault that you are not the person you want to be or you are not in the job you want to be in or you are not as successful as you want to be, well then; you have just made yourself helpless, at the mercy of others. If it is up to others for you to have success, you just have to sit back and do nothing, waiting for your boss or the government or your parents or someone else to solve the problem so that you can be successful. Well, I am tired of waiting!

I want things to be my fault. I love it when things are my fault! When they are my fault, I can change them. I can make things better. I can have an effect on my own life and destiny! This is true power! I can do what I want if I accept blame!

Let’s say that you arrived late at work because your alarm didn’t go off because the electricity went out during the night.

Here are your two options: 1) blame the electric company, send them a nasty letter telling them that they need to be more reliable, tell your boss that you are sorry but the electric company is to blame.


2) Blame yourself for relying on the electric company. Go out to Walmart and purchase a battery powered alarm clock. Go up to your boss and say, “I am sorry that I was late yesterday. I have purchased a battery-powered alarm clock to make sure that this doesn’t ever happen again, please forgive me for not being reliable.”

Now think about it, which one will get you promoted faster? Which one will show your boss that you take responsibility seriously? Which one will enable to you never worry about being late due to a power failure?

Taking blame is taking power. The power to create your destiny; the power to make things happen. Blaming others is making yourself into a victim, no power to do anything. You are completely passive, waiting for others to act upon you. No thanks! I am ready and willing to take blame because that will empower me to create the destiny that I want.

Stop blaming others, start taking blame and watch your life change!

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